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C7lavoie 6 days ago

Hot Roll Ups

I recently purchased a house near 143 Market and had to check it out. I had the ham and cheese roll up and it was so good! I'm excited that on those nights when I don't feel like cooking I can just run over to 143 Market and grab a hot and ready dinner!

Mtdwyer 12 days ago

American Chop Suey

One of my favorites; I can't make it any better myself.

Nick 16 days ago

Chicken Wings

All of the prepared food is delicious and the local grass fed meat selection will be the best you've had. I go at least once a week. Butchers and staff are helpful and friendly.

Ncpires99 22 days ago

16pk of 1/4lb bacon burgers

The Bacon Burgers are so flavorful and a must have for your BBQ or to make at home for quick lunch or dinner. I would highly recommend!

Lapoulin about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Love the wings! It is the best feeling to be able to stop in and pick up some hot and ready wings on a night I didn't prepare dinner or have guests coming over. They come in different delicious flavors and I love them all. I've also ordered the wings for parties and they just make it so easy! I order and pick them up hot and ready! I've also bought other item such as the smoked chicken, skirt steak and bbq chicken breast ready to cook. Finally, I love that they have a great selection of organic and gluten free items! Overall, just a great local, fresh market.

Xbound4thefloorx about 2 months ago

Broccoli Salad

Honestly such a clean and delicious place to come for anything you need. The food they prepare is amazing especially the Broccoli Salad. Vegetarian friendly which I love. Would recommend to anyone!

Christate 2 months ago

Chicken Salad

My go to place for marinated tips, pulled pork and chicken salad. Best quality meats in the area and reasonably priced!

Suzanne Rego 3 months ago

16pk of 1/4lb hamburgers

I love the convenience of keeping burgers in my freezer for a quick meal. The quality and value is unparalleled to anything you find in a supermarket.

Samantha Oliviera 3 months ago


I can't explain exactly what makes this burger so amazing but that's probably because it's not just one thing! From how juicy it is to how it has just the right seasoning and then how it's a very generous size this burger blows other burgers out of the water!

Samantha Oliviera 3 months ago

Linguicia Cheese Rolls

These cheese rolls are just the right size and have the perfect amount of filling every time. Good balance of cheese and linguicia! Would highly recommend!

Pmitchell 10 days ago


Best brisket you can get! Smoked low and slow or Texas style! Don't want to smoke it you can get it already cooked or sliced for sandwiches!

Beth 14 days ago


everything here is GREAT, but we especially love the REUBEN. You cannot beat the quality of the meat -- never chewy!

Pmitchell 18 days ago

Bone In Pork Chop

Best pork chops or pork butt you can buy! You really can tell the difference from the grocery store pork! I highly recommend all of their meats!!

Rangle1 23 days ago

143 Mac and Cheese

It was the most delicious macaroni and cheese that I have had at a party. It taste as good as my homemade

Deborahfrancoeur about 1 month ago


Awesome, Highly recommend this Market.

Ecf about 2 months ago


The corned beef is so tender and delicious. The sauerkraut tastes great and does not overpower the sandwich. Highly recommend.

Zoey1420 3 months ago

Chicken Salad

I love your chicken salad! This is what I usually get when I go. I have had a few other sandwiches that were also wonderful!

Cathy 3 months ago

Marinated Steak Tips

We greatly enjoy all the products we have bought at 143 Market. I have recommended it to several people and have returned to purchase more items. Our favorite meat was the carne espeto marinated steak tips. My favorite prepared meal was the roasted turkey dinner. I look forward to shopping at 143 Market again.

Samantha Oliviera 3 months ago

French Meat Pie

My only compliant about this meat pie is I wish it wasn't so popular lol! Stoping by 143 on my way home from work in the fall and winter to grab one of these is the best and easiest dinner! It's a family favorite at our house. So flavorful and just the right size to have for dinner and then lunch for the next two days for both of us!

Samantha Oliviera 3 months ago

Chicken Wings

The chicken wings are the best!!!!! When 143 first opened we were lucky to live a few houses away and could walk over whenever we wanted some wings! The sweet chili is very flavorful, the Buffalo is beyond tasty and the teriyaki is my personal fave! You can't go wrong with these wings!! Bring them to a party have a few before dinner or keep some in the fridge for a snack!


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